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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you use the same three kids in your videos?

    Great question! We're a family, making these courses at home with our three kids. When you share Kid Explorer or purchase one of our courses, you're helping us build a brand that will grow beyond our family! We value diversity, and as Kid Explorer grows, we want to include kids of all different backgrounds in our videos. Thank you for helping us in our mission to provide quality, educational content that parents and teachers can trust and that kids enjoy!

  • Which courses are included with my Kid Explorer Club Membership?

    All of the courses we create! Fitness, Nutrition, Economics, US Presidential Election, Olympics, Black American World Changers, and America's Influential Women are available now. Courses in development: Personal Finance, Leadership Starts Young, How to Start a Business, Life Skills, Creative Writing, and many more. With your membership, you'll have access to all of these!

  • What are the benefits of being a Kid Explorer Club Member?

    Our courses are more affordable. You'll be able to interact with us through suggestions, feedback, and input on future courses.

  • How often will you share new courses?

    Currently, we are planning to share 2-3 new courses each year.

  • How long are the courses?

    Our courses range from 25-45 minutes in length. Each course is divided up into 2-3 minute videos. We recommend spreading out each course over a 1-2 week time period depending on your child's/childrens' needs.

  • Can my class log in to the courses?

    Many teachers are creating one account and are then using the courses with small groups and in a whole-class setting. Digital teachers are using our courses with their students, too!

  • Is it possible for our school to sign up for Kid Explorer Courses?

    Yes! We'd love to work with you on setting up school log-ins. Reach out to us through our contact form, and we will be happy to help you with this.