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Join these siblings as they teach you everything you need to know about the United States Presidential Election. Videos made for kids, by kids! They inspire kids to explore, discover, and create while making learning fun and engaging!

In this course...

you'll learn everything you need to know about the Presidential Election. Here are some of the questions you'll be able to answer after finishing this course!

  • What are three requirements to become President?

  • How do elections work?

  • What are political parties, and how do they choose their candidates?

  • What are primaries, caucuses, and party conventions?

  • What is the Electoral College, and why do we have it?

  • Which amendments guarantee voting rights?

  • What are checks and balances?

U.S. Presidential Election Course Curriculum

    1. Quick Intro - Course Overview

    2. The 3 Rules to Become President

    3. Elections Explained

    4. Political Parties and Their Candidates

    5. How Parties Decide on Their Candidates

    6. Choosing a Running Mate - The Vice President

    7. Campaigning - Earning Every Vote

    1. What Happens on Election Day?

    2. Who Can Vote, and How Do You Vote?

    3. How to Choose Your Candidate

    4. Electoral College - How the Election's Won

    1. The Election is Finally Over, Now What?

    2. The Executive Branch and The President's Cabinet

    3. Course Wrap Up

    1. Course Certificate

    2. Voter Registration Cards

    3. Election Word Search

    4. Donald Trump Bio

    5. Joe Biden Bio

    6. Candidate Venn Diagram

    7. Qualities of a Good President Writing Prompt

    8. Electoral College Map to color in on Election Night

    9. Google Drive Interactive Document Link

    1. U.S. Presidential Election Course Challenge

    2. Printable Election Course Challenge

About this course

  • 25 lessons